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Workshop foundation

The Electromechanical Workshop Ing. Antonio Rava was founded in the year 1922 in Turin by the grandfather of the current owners.


Second generation of Rava family

At the end of the Second World War Edoardo, Ernesto and Silvio, the second generation of engineers enter the company government.
They started developing different types of products like small and medium size electric motors and drills.
High frequency electric tools and the first balancing machine for industrial applications were then introduced to the market


Turbomolecular pumps
The continuous research and development activity on high speed rotating objects, together with the company growth, has allowed to introduce the turbomolecular pumps in the 60’s. The pump production license was sold two decades later to VARIAN Vacuum Pumps


The workshop becomes ELETTRORAVA S.p.A.

The mechanical workshop was incorporated as just after transferring it to the actual factory in Venaria Reale (Turin), with a total surface of  20.000 m2 of which 8.000 m2 are covered.
In the 70’s the number of Employees rises above 100.


Thin film deposition systems

Having entered the market of high vacuum technology through turbomolecular pumps, Elettrorava started manufacturing high vacuum thin films deposition systems aimed at various applications,  such as Thermal Evaporation, Sputtering, Chemical Vapour Deposition or Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition

Third generation of Rava family

Enrico and Paolo, the third generation of engineers enter the company government


New factory in Barcelona
The success and the reliability of Elettrorava products has brought the company outside Italy: besides the headquarters in Italy, a new factory, Elettrorava Iberica Servicios S.L.,  was founded  in Barcelona (Spain)


Transfer of the balanching business branch
The need to better serve the market led to the spinoff of the branch of balancing machines, now Elettrorava Balance Systems (EBS)


New corporate structure

The company brought on two new operational partners as part of its shareholder base. The addition of talent and expertise solidified the company’s position. The new partner’s experience and passion for growth and innovation was a major milestone for the company and demonstrated its commitment to attracting top talent and fostering a dynamic culture.


new Indian branch

The company established a new subsidiary in Bangalore, a thriving economic center in India. This move was part of the company’s efforts to expand its presence in the Asian market and solidify its position as a leading provider of thin film systems and process developer.

Corporate form changed

As of February 2022 the company has changed
its corporate form to limited liability company. The new
registered business name is now ELETTRORAVA S.r.l.


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We specialize in the design, manufacture and support of high-quality thin film deposition systems for a wide range of industries, including research, consumer electronics, aerospace, energy, and healthcare. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing customized solutions and expert support to meet the unique needs of our clients