Installations and New Developments

Installations and New Developments
  • Several UHV cluster multichamber systems for semiconductor applications in different configurations have been installed at several locations worldwide (References List) and some of the most recent are reported below; the deposition technologies used in the DPC’s of these systems are RF-PECVD, VHF-PECVD, HWCVD, ECR-PECVD.
    A five chamber cluster system using RF-PECVD in three process chambers (DPC1 for intrinsic silicon, DPC2 for doped silicon, DPC4 for silicon alloys), ECR-PECVD in DPC3 and plasma etching in DPC5 has been manufactured and installed at the ENEA laboratories in Portici
    The system features complete control by PC with capability of simultaneous independent operation of each DPC and is used for R&D on various types of thin film electronic devices.

    Two chamber systems using PECVD in DPC1 and ECR-PECVD in DPC2 have been delivered to Torino Politecnico and IFN-CNR in Rome and are being used for the deposition of amorphous and microcrystalline silicon alloys.
    Several electron beam systems with ion beam assistance for deposition of optical coatings have been installed at major Indian Government Institutions (e.g. CAT - Centre for Advanced Technology - Indore Ordnance Factory - Dehradun) recently. These systems feature dual multicrucible electron beam sources, ion beam source for assisting and etching, thermal deposition sources, sputtering sources, deposition rate and thickness control by multiple quartz crystal controller, optical thickness monitoring by wideband optical monitor, automatic multilayer deposition PC control.

    Several types of multilayer optical devices (Broadband dielectric high reflecting mirrors, Broadband Antireflection coatings, Long wave and Short wave Pass Filters, other Filters and Suppressors, etc.) have been designed with the aid of a Thin Film design software. The relative processes have been developed and optimized on these systems which are now used for Research and Manufacturing of high quality multilayer dielectric optical devices.