Electron Beam system delivered to Turku University in Finland

PVD Series Electron beam system

An Electron Beam system, from our PVD Series, with substrate rotation and tilt up to 25° was delivered for deposition of superconductive devices.

The Electron Beam Evaporation system featuring a turbo pumped process chamber with a 6-crucible 3kW electron beam source, substrate with rotation and tilt, a loadlock chamber with manual magnetic manipulator and heat treatment capability in an oxygen environment, has recently been delivered to Turku University in Finland. The Turku University is a world leader in fundamental research on properties of materials at extremely low temperatures in the mK range, and plans to use the electron beam evaporation system to deposit some of the layers needed for superconducting devices. 

ELETTRORAVA High Vacuum turbomolecular pump

High Vacuum turbomolecular pump by ELETTRORAVA

Lamps for heat treatment in oxygen atmosphere

Lamps for heat treatment in oxygen atmosphere

Electron beam source

Electron beam source

Material in crucible heated by electron beam

Material in crucible heated by electron beam


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How big is your wafer?

New multichamber PECVD machine

We report on work progress on a new modular multichamber PECVD system for deposition on 35cm x 32cm substrates designed and manufactured for TNO (The Netherlands).

The system is designed to prevent incorporation of residual impurities and cross contamination between different layers.

Wide range of deposited materials is as follows:

  • intrinsic and doped a-Si:H
  • intrinsic and doped μ-Si:H
  • Silicon alloys such as SixCy:H, SixNy:H, SixOy:H

The system is now operational at our factory in Italy and extensive testing is under way.

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The art of reflection

The art reflection

Since the introduction of the first Ring Laser Gyroscope (RLG) by Mr. Kirkpatrick in the 70’s for inertial guidance systems in avionics there has been an increasing interest in high reflectivity mirrors with coatings with very low absorption and scattering loss, high resistance and long durability. Such coatings are deposited by Dual Ion Beam Sputtering (DIBS) with outstanding spectral performance and very low defect levels according to customer's specifications.

We have recently delivered a new DIBS deposition machine and are preparing to complete the process set-up phase in close collaboration with the customer and under the scientific supervision and guidance of CNR-IMM Bologna. The ambitious goal is to repeatedly produce laser mirrors with a 99.98% reflectivity at 633nm for avionic applications.

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To complete the range of standard balancing machines, a new vertical balancing machine, model VR5K-1P , has been introduced to balance rotors up to 5000 kg. The machine is particularly suitable for balancing of large turbines and compressors.



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