• Dual station balancing machine for single plane balancing of fans or rotors with centre bores and a mass of up to 1 kg. Only one operator is needed to man both stations in order to minimize the machine cycle time. While the unbalance is measured automatically on one station, the operator corrects the unbalance in the other station or unloads the balanced component and loads a new component for balancing. The machine automatically indexes the angular position bringing the correction point in front of the operator. The machine may be equipped with a laser sensor that measures the axial run-out on the external zone of the fan.

Nominal capacity 1 Kg
Maximum diameter (1) 300 mm
Maximum height 150 mm
Balancing speed 2000 RPM
Measure uncertainty 1 plane 1 g mm
Measure uncertainty 2 planes 2 g mm

(1) Maximum diameter with standard safety guard

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