Balancing machines

Elettrorava balancing machines are designed keeping in mind and considering the needs of the final user. The company was born as manufacturer of high speed motors and developed internally the technology... >>

Thin films depositions systems

having entered the market of high vacuum technology through turbomolecular pumps, Elettrorava started manufacturing high vacuum thin films deposition systems aimed at various applications...>>

Always in search of the perfect balancing

A history started in 1922 and still today looking at the future.

During many years the company developed and delivered different products, always tied together by a connecting line, sometimes not evident. The first products were small electric motors and electric drills, until the first balancing machines in the 50’s, then during the 70’s and 80’s the turbomolecular pumps. Finally from the 90’s the high vacuum thin films deposition systems.

The continuous technical research and development, competition and specialisation have brought recently Elettrorava to concentrate its resources on two product lines: the present production includes the balancing machines and the high vacuum thin films deposition systems.


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