• The measuring unit model EQ21S-TS (Touch Screen) is an electronic system based on an industrial computer together with a DSP card (Digital Signal processor), and is used for processing and measuring the signals generated by the force transducers of the machine.
    The special software with a user-friendly menu allows the operator to enter all the data of the rotor that to be balanced, and to access all the machine functions in a simple and instantaneous manner. The electronic units type EQ21S-TS is also available with four measuring channels, normally used on machines for balancing driveshafts in two or three pieces on three or four balancing planes.
    The operator selects the number of balancing planes in the parameter menu, and the unbalance values are displayed simultaneously for all the selected planes.
    The calibration of the machine is performed by means of trial runs with a known unbalance on each balancing plane.

    The main characteristics of the EQ21S-TS electronic unit are:
    - Windows 10 embedded
    - CPU fanless - HDD SSD removable
    - 4 RS232 serial ports
    - 2 LAN RJ45 ports
    - 5 USB ports
    - High resolution flat panel 17” TFT colour screen for display of the unbalance values, rotor parameters and machine parameters
    - Display of the unbalance values simultaneously also on 3 or 4 planes (for machines with three or four pedestals)
    - Touch Screen device integrated on the screen
    - Direct reading of the unbalance in grams and of the angular position in degrees
    - Reading of dynamic unbalance, or of static and couple unbalance
    - Rotational speed reading in revolutions per minute
    - Ability to measure the unbalance at speed from 180 to 60000 RPM
    - Digital filtering system with DSP to eliminate components other than the rotation frequency
    - Automatic calibration also without the necessity of a previously balanced rotor
    - Possible choice between different average rates and different measuring accuracies
    - Balancing tolerance setting and comparison with the measured value, with IN TOL or OUT OF TOL. information by changing the display colour
    - Balancing tolerance calculation according to ISO 1940/1 standard
    - Possibility to generate balancing certificate
    - Setting up of the rotor geometrical data by the keyboard
    - Manual or automatic selection of the input amplifier gain
    - Automatic tool eccentricity determination and correction
    - Possibility of polar co-ordinates and representation of the unbalance in vector form
    - Memory for storing 1000 different rotors (more upon request)
    - Data storage file (rotor code, initial unbalance, residual unbalance, etc.)
    - Possibility to connection an external printer
    - Ethernet connection

    Optional software:
    Statistic software Assisted correction software (drilling, milling, adding weights, etc)
    Software for prohibited zones

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