• Dual station balancing machine for electric fans with their own motor. The machine may be equipped with various accessories, such as automatic angular indexing, automatic angular positioning, a marking system and electric motor control devices.
    The electronic computerised instrumentation type EQ21S-TS with special software allows easy compensation of the unbalance, indicating the  blade upon which the operator must insert the correction weight and the appropriate box containing the weight that must be chosen by the operator. 
    A pair of photocells detect the blade movement and allows the automatic generation of the phase reference signal without the need for a zero mark on the rotor. The photocells are also used as an encoder for angular indexing.
    The main advantage of this double machine is the increased productivity: In fact while the unbalance is measured automatically in one station, the operator corrects the unbalance in the other station or unloads the balanced component and loads a new component.

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