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EMO exhibition of Hannover
We will be present at the next EMO exhibition of Hannover, from 19 to 24 September 2011
Elettrorava S.p.a
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10078 Venaria (TO) Italy
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Initially developed for internal use, Elettrorava balancing machines are designed keeping in mind and considering the needs of the final user. In fact the company was born as manufacturer of high speed motors and developed internally the technology for balancing the rotors of its own products.

The company has always specialised in high rotational speed products, and for this reason was forced to accept and solve the problems of rotor balancing. The first balancing machine was built in the year 1945 for internal use, and just after that another similar machine was sold to a customer: this was the starting point of balancing machines as a commercial product of the company.

During the last sixty years Elettrorava has progressed through all the steps of the balancing technology development, designing, manufacturing and marketing soft bearing horizontal axis machines, vertical axis machines, hard bearing force measuring machines, and finally the modern computerised automatic machines.
The combination of a highly skilled technical workforce, and the consequent high quality and reliability of the created products coupled with an efficient after sales technical service, has allowed Elettrorava to reach and maintain during this time a lead role in the production of balancing machines.

Although having a line of standard machines, Elettrorava pays special attention to specific customer needs, offering facilities for the design and manufacture of special purpose systems.